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03.11.2015 MIFC / Moscow

MIFC Roadmap: Making progress.
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01.07.2013 MIFC / Moscow

MIFC Roadmap

01.07.2013 MIFC / Moscow

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29.01.2014 / Interfax

Russia #3 Worldwide in Foreign Direct Investment

FDI in developing and transitional economies hit record highs in 2013, according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report.

06.04.2013 / Kommersant

Central Bank Builds Financial Center

FFMS merger with the CB will significantly improve regulation – as expected by reform participants and instigators alike. Yesterday the Bank of Russia, FFMS and Minfin reps made a public presentation of the financial megaregulator, as the process has entered implementation stage. In the meantime, MIFC mastermind Alexander Voloshin sees the future unification of oversight as a key milestone for Moscow as International Financial Center.

29.01.2013 / Interfax

MIFC Location to be Determined by Workgroup

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is planning to establish a workgroup to determine the location of Moscow International Financial Center (MIFC) infrastructure.

Timofeev A.

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10.09.2013 20:06 / PRIME

Market Participants Expect Supreme Arbitration Court Opinion on Interest Rate Swap Contracts

Russian stock market participants expect the Supreme Arbitration Court (SAC) to release an opinion on IRS contracts, said Head of National Stock Market Participants Assocaition (NAUFOR) Alexey Timofeev at the Derivatives in Russia 2013 conference on Tuesday.

22.08.2013 15:25 / Interfax

Financial Market SROs Call for Gradual Implementation of Self-Regulation

Russian financial market SROs are in favor of different SRO implementation rates in various financial market segments, said NAUFOR Chairman of the Board Alexey Timofeev at a press briefing on the liaison agreement signed by the Russian Banks Association (ARB), the All-Russia Insurers Union and NAUFOR.

13.02.2013 13:40 / Interfax

NAUFOR Proposes Tax Benefits for Investments

National Stock Market Participants Association (NAUFOR) has drafted tax benefit proposals for local Russian investors, CEO Alexey Timofeev told the press Wednesday.

12.02.2013 13:36 / Interfax

Licensed Participants Propose Drastic Margin Loan Amendments for Т+2

Licensed securities market participants have drafted a new Brokerage Securities Trading regulations. The document is posted on the National Securities Market Participants Association (NAUFOR) website.

26.11.2012 21:34 / vedomosti.ru

Central Bank Gets FFMS

FFMS becomes part of the Central Bank, such is the result of Open Government megaregulator debate. On Friday, a meeting took place with Open Government Liaison Minister Mikhail Abyzov to discuss the issue, say sources. A formal decision was not passed, but this was the only option on the agenda.

08.11.2012 10:30 / Interfax

FFMS to Change Capital Requirements for Licensed Participants

Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) plans to change the approach to amount and calculation of licensed stock market participants’ capital, said FFMS Head Dmitry Pankin on Thursday.

07.11.2012 19:02 / Finam.ru

Moscow IFC: Central Depositary in Place, Now Megaregulator?

The concept of unified financial markets regulation and oversight is nothing new. Attempts to create a so-called megaregulator in Russia were made in 1999 and 2006, the latter resulting in a draft bill by the State Duma Committee, its introduction postponed indefinitely. This year the initiative has been given another chance among much controversy.

15.10.2012 18:34 / Interfax

Financial Market SROs Call for No Haste with Megaregulator

Financial Market Council, comprised of several professional associations, will shortly announce its position on the megaregulator. An open Council meeting took place 11 October to discuss the matter.

21.09.2012 20:32 / Interfax

FFMS Still Unclear on Forex Regulation

Federal Financial Market Service (FFMS) has not taken a clear standpoint on Forex market regulation, FFMS Head Dmitry Pankin told the press at Sochi International Investment Forum.

16.08.2012 / vedomosti.ru

Minfin Drafts MIFC Roadmap

The Ministry of Finance has circulated a draft MIFC Roadmap 2015, according to a ministry source.

05.07.2012 18:35 / Interfax

FFMS Considers 6 Months Grace Period on Capital Decrease Fines

The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) is considering the possibility of a 6-month grace period on capital decrease fine for licensed stock market and mutual investment market participants.

04.07.2012 19:49 / Interfax

FFMS May Take Back Functions from Finance Ministry

The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) may take back the functions transferred out of its purview to the Finance Ministry a year ago.

12.04.2012 14:54 / Interfax

FFMS to Discuss Euroclear and Clearstream Accounts with Market, says Pankin

FFMS is willing to hear Russian stock market participants’ ideas on Central Depositary, which, they fear, in its present form could potentially strip them of a major part of their business.

19.03.2012 10:23 / Vedomosti

Road Map to Financial Center

The Ministry of Finance and the MIFC Taskforce to develop MIFC Roadmap.

02.11.2011 18:51 / Interfax

Anonymous ADR Owners May Miss Out on Dividends

On Wednesday, the State Duma passed in the second reading the amendments to the Joint-Stock Companies Act, forbidding the company to pay ADR dividends if the beneficial owner is not disclosed.

18.10.2011 21:47 / Interfax

Duma Committee In Favour of Passing Central Depositary Act in 2nd and 3rd Readings

The State Duma Financial Markets Committee recommends passing the amended Central Depositary Act in 2nd and 3rd readings.

12.10.2011 / Interfax

No Investor In His Own Land

In the past two years the Government plan for the International Financial Centre formation was implemented. It`s too early to evaluate the results of this effort, but as for the internal market development it can be surely said that no progress has been made. Such is the common opinion of the members of the National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR) at "Russian stock exchange market" conference in Ekaterinburg.

10.10.2011 20:18 / Interfax

Central Depositary Act likely to pass Duma by end-October

The Central Depositary Act will be passed by the State Duma in the autumn session, possibly by end-October, MICEX Head Ruben Aganbegyan told the press in his commentary on the Council for the Financial Market Development’s Monday session.